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Whether you’re a chain of superstores or a small independent operation, you compete in one of the toughest, most competitive industries. You are continuously being squeezed for operational efficiencies while at the same time, seeking innovative approaches to improve profitability and the customer experience.

From front-of-store revenue generators like, self-service coin redemption services, to cash-office money processing, Cummins Allison can help you with solutions that automate counting, eliminate errors, streamline processes and boost profits.

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4 Reasons Why Stores Should Buy or Lease Their Self-Service Coin Machines

Here are four reasons why owning or leasing self-service coin machines is the better option.

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Squeeze more profit out of your self-service coin redemption program

A growing number of grocery stores are recognizing that a viable strategy for improving customer service and increasing profits is at the front of their stores with a new approach to self-service coin redemption.

Here are some ways grocery stores are leveraging technology to win customer loyalty and strengthen their bottom line.

Often, grocers think about big ways to cut costs—cutting labor hours, for instance. But they should also be thinking of their stores’ “leaky faucet” problems, too.