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Daisy Intelligence

Daisy started with a vision…

That vision was to fulfill the unmet promise of big data by using math and science to help companies make better business decisions.

Our founder, Gary Saarenvirta, has over 20 years of experience in architecting data management and data warehousing solutions which led him to create Daisy’s A.I.-as-a-Service platform. Gary saw the application of Moore’s Law and GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) computing exponentially accelerate computing speeds and processing power, while driving down the costs- meaning artificial intelligence could finally become a reality for all businesses, not just those with the deepest pockets.

The Daisy team love math and science and whole-heartedly believe in its ability to better people’s lives and improve the success of their companies.  Our team of some of the best data scientists and computational math experts dedicate themselves to solving our client’s most challenging data problems and finding opportunities to make their businesses better.

Ultimately, what Daisy is about and what A.I. delivers, is results. In today’s increasingly competitive environment, it is imperative to understand that your underleveraged data is also your most profitable, customer centric asset and primary source of competitive advantage. Ensuring your business is realizing the same operational efficiencies as your competitors and that you are fully leveraging your data in the new world of retail is what Daisy does best. Every day we deliver value to our clients and continue on our path to revolutionize the future of analytics using artificial intelligence.

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