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3 strategic paths to success for grocery

On the other hand, more traditional grocery stores – rather than adopting any of these three strategic paths forward – are more likely to be prisoners of the past. 


So Many Tactics, So Little Strategy

Grocery retailers can employ a countless number of tactics to compete in today’s dynamic market. The issue is not the ability to do many different things at once—which retailers are often good at—but ...

Why shoppers today are different, and how retailers can weather the changes 

A new format in grocery retail is emerging.

Grocers that focus on maximizing their value perception are rising to the top of the industry.

Traditional grocers may take for granted that they have an advantage over non-traditional channels in the strength of their emotional connection with shoppers, but that doesn’t appear to be the case at all.

As retail continues to fragment, understanding how to develop a strong value proposition is vital for future success.