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Refrigeration systems are the true workhorses of the grocery store: Unlike other technologies that power down at the end of the day, cooling systems run constantly to keep food fresh.

Grocery stores are experiencing unprecedented changes this year due to the pandemic.

Propane R-290 changes the game with convenient, environmentally friendly technologies.

Supermarkets have seen unprecedented increases in sales since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The evolution of propane R290 began shortly after the U.S. EPA adopted in 2016 SNAP, which is designed to phase out the use of HFCs in commercial refrigeration.

Join an interesting discussion regarding the evolving use of natural refrigerants in the food retail industry and how quickly attitudes are changing.

New refrigerant developments offer food retailers important opportunities to fight climate change and reduce global warming.

One way to update sustainability in grocery stores is to update refrigeration solutions.