Ken's Foods Inc.

Ken's Foods Inc.

Frank and Louise Crowley started the business of Ken’s Food’s in their kitchen in 1958 based on the house dressing served in the restaurant. Today the company has plant operations in Marlborough, Massachusetts, McDonough, Georgia and Las Vegas, Nevada.

As the years have gone by, Ken’s Foods has grown far beyond that original Italian dressing. We’re still a family owned and operated business. But today, between our Retail Grocery Products and Food Service divisions, we produce and package over 400 varieties of dressings and sauces.

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Retail Foodservice

Familiar Flavors Remain A Favorite Across Generational Lines

Check out these tips to make sure your foodservice offerings will grab everyone’s attention.

Retail Foodservice

Comfort Foods Offer a Home Run for Retail Foodservice

When shoppers head into a store to find meals for their families, they aren’t always looking for the newest dishes. Instead, comfort foods are what customers frequently seek out.

The fall and winter holidays are a great opportunity to boost prepared food sales, which in turn means a boost in potential profits for retailers.

When the weather cools down, consumers look for foods that taste warm and comforting—or at least remind them of the things they love about fall.