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How case ready can help fill online carts Anyone who works for a grocery retailer knows that while online purchasing is increasing, not all areas of the store are benefiting equally. Online sho...

Even as consumers feel the pinch of inflation, they haven’t backed away from premium brands. One place where they are willing to splurge is at the meat case.

Shoppers are seeking ways to break up the monotony in their meat purchases, and for retailers, consumers trying new cuts, cooking styles and flavors at home offers an opportunity to expand sales in the meat section.

Consumers are seeking innovative products in the meat case, and seasoned and marinated options allow shoppers to explore new dishes at home without the fuss.

The push for convenience is a major driver for innovation in the meat department. Retailers see consistent demand from shoppers prioritizing foods that require minimal prep, if any: Two in five meat consumers say they seek out products that take less time to prepare, according to Midan Marketing

For grocers looking to drive more consumers to the meat case, highlighting current trends in cooking and cuisine can help introduce shoppers — especially younger generations — to all that the meat section has to offer.

While plant-based meals are finding their way into many consumers’ recipe repertoires — especially among younger demographics including millennials and Gen Z — meat still has a firm footing in these generations’ diets. In fact, younger generations increased their consumption of meat, including red meats, over the last year.

A robust digital presence is important for engaging all customers — not just those ordering online.