C-store safety and security: 3 robbery deterrence security practices

Tips to minimize the risk of bring robbed
robbery deterrence
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1. Maximize the Risk

  • Have a well-lit store.
  • Improve sight lines with minimal window and door signage and low shelf profiles. Mirrors can help minimize areas where a potential criminal can hide.
  • Minimize store entrances to prevent surprise entrances. 
  • Outside, minimize escape routes. A fence around the property can help stop someone from quickly slipping away.

2. Minimize the Reward

  • Reduce cash on hand by using time-release drop safes or other means.
  • Post signs that the store has little cash on hand and make safe drops in plain view of customers.
  • Secure inventory, such as cigarettes, that could have a high resale value if stolen.
  • Keep expensive items away from the door.

3. Reinforce Security Practices With Employees

  • Implement a policy of non-resistance.
  • Train employees on de-escalation and crisis techniques. 
  • Hang posters and other resources outlining what to do in case of an emergency.
  • Have a plan for high-risk terminations. 
  • Involve law enforcement and encourage regular visits, via free coffee or other incentives.

Sources: NACS, Pinkerton, and Calibration Group



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