Holidays 2022: Larger gatherings and more premium buying, 84.51° data reveals

Consumers are looking forward to bringing back some of the traditions that put the "happy" in the holidays, the report said.
holiday groceries
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Despite inflation and ongoing COVID concerns, it's looking to be a big holiday season for grocery retailers.

That's according to new research from Kroger-owned data and media company 84.51° that found that 94% of customers plan to gather with the same amount, or more people, than in 2021.

With consumers eager to resume holiday gatherings while keeping health, inflationary prices and supply shortages in mind, 84.51° Holidays 2022 white paper unwraps insights on how consumers plan to spend their time and money during the holiday season.

Looking to put the “happy” in the holidays, shoppers will be buying groceries differently this holiday season because of hybrid shopping patterns, 84.51° reported, adding “93% of shoppers plan to buy brands/products similar to or more premium/expensive than what they typically buy.”

But during these inflationary times, households are stretching their dollars more than ever. From a grocery standpoint, this means households are picking up fewer units and cutting back on “nice-to-have” items, 84.51° reported, stressing that “driving units and trade-up is the name of the game this season!”

Brand loyalty during the holiday season is hitting a pause as 45% of shoppers don’t feel they need to buy a specific brand of holiday food, 84.51° reported. Instead, data from 84.51° revealed that 57% of customers are looking for sales, deals and coupons more often as prices increase.

But like anything, there are the exceptions, especially when it comes to holiday must-haves. “Customers are more brand loyal to their centerpiece items, like ham, turkey and stuffing,” the report said.

Attention to the main food attraction is important, but so are the sides. And this year, shoppers are looking forward to making side dishes from scratch, 84.51° reported.

As for holiday gift giving, shoppers are choosing convenience. “When looking ahead to holiday 2022, customers are reporting an expected 20% increase in gift card purchases,” 84.51° reported.



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