Introducing WGB’s new grocery store opening map

New store updates are important to our readers, so we’re adding a monthly feature to highlight them and demonstrate supermarket growth trends around the country.
Amazon Fresh grand opening
The new feature will cover grocery store grand openings. / Photo by: Heather Lalley

Winsight Grocery Business is introducing a new feature to its site: A map of new grocery store openings around the country, updated on the first of each month.

Readers have shown us consistently that coverage of new stores keeps them coming back to WGB.

This map offers a convenient way to see all of our recent stories on this topic, as well as providing a look at where new stores are being added and which retailers are adding them.

Hover over the pins on the map to see the retailer’s name and the date of the new store opening. Click on the city name to be taken to the article with more information on the new location.

November’s map features 15 new stores, a large number of them concentrated in the southeastern U.S., as well as significant growth from retailers such as H-E-B, Aldi and Publix.

“We like the southeast and its positive demographics,” said Blair Welch, co-founder of real estate investment firm Slate Asset Management. Welch is also part of Slate’s grocery division. “We love the southeast because the southeast has been an area that’s growing. There are jobs and a cheaper cost of living. People are moving there, so as a result they need food and there has to be food stores.”

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