Strategies to Elevate Shopper Experiences

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While online sales, curbside pickup and delivery are still in demand, many grocers may benefit by encouraging in-store shopping as the market settles into the new normal. In-store occasions give retailers an opportunity to connect with customers and provide an elevated experience that sets them apart from the competition—developing loyalty in the long run.

While customer experience might not be as straightforward as crunching numbers on pricing and promotions, simple solutions can quickly upgrade the in-store experience. Here’s how.

Encourage in-store occasions

Perhaps the greatest benefits of in-store occasions are the opportunities they present to increase basket sizes: As shoppers navigate the store to pick up the groceries on their list, they’ll likely find new products or promotions to try before they make their way to the register. Encouraging grocery foodservice patrons to dine onsite can be similarly beneficial; shoppers who plan to sit down for awhile may order more food, or even think of some groceries to pick up on their way out.

To incentivize customers to step inside, retailers can seek strategies to enhance in-store experiences. Playing top sports channels on in-store televisions, for example, can help encourage shoppers to browse as they linger to catch more of the game—and to shop in-store during their next visit, too, since they know they won’t have to miss a minute of the action.

Of course, retailers can adjust in-store programming to fit their specific consumer base, or even use store TVs to broadcast store promotions—TVs can help get the word out about sales and specials, for example, or demonstrate recipes using ingredients available in the store. Regardless of what programming a retailer chooses to entertain and inspire its shoppers, in-store televisions can be a welcome addition to the in-store experience—from shopping, to dining, to waiting in line at the register.

Getting in-store entertainment right

While grocers using in-store televisions aren’t necessarily rare—with 31% saying they currently have them installed—many more (59%) are looking to add them within the next three years, according to Technomic’s June 2021 Supermarket Intelligence report. In short, offering some sort of entertainment in the grocery store is on its way to becoming the expectation rather than just an added bonus. And installing a television spells big opportunity for retailers’ long-term success; 90% of grocers with televisions say that having TVs in their stores encourages shoppers to spend more and increases customer loyalty.

Of course, the quality of technology plays a significant role in deciding whether or not an in-store television can truly enhance the shopping experience. Retailers’ priorities lean strongly toward both consumer appeal and reliability: According to Technomic’s Supermarket Intelligence report, good customer support, programming that appeals to customers and easy installation are the top three attributes retailers cite as most important.

Solutions for every retailer

No matter what priorities a retailer focuses on as the new normal approaches, offering a standout shopping experience for customers is a great way to stay competitive. In-store televisions—whether they’re in the center store, checkout lanes, dining area or the breakroom—can be a flexible solution to help retailers succeed both now and in the future. Industry leader DIRECTV for Business offers reliable solutions for retailers of all stripes with flexible program management and pricing solutions, 24/7 support and, of course, high-quality programming that will keep customers coming back.

With a broad array of professional sports programming, including NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, MLB Extra Innings, ESPN College Extra and more, there’s a solution for every sports fan—plus countless channels for news, entertainment and even commercial-free music.

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