Tops markets shares security improvements following mass shooting

Retailer makes safety a priority
Tops Market security upgrades
Photograph: Shutterstock

Ten people died and three were injured in a mass shooting May 14, 2022, at Tops Market in Buffalo, N.Y. When the store reopened July 15, in addition to store renovations, Tops made safety a priority, and measures implemented include:

  • Increased professional security coverage inside and outside 
  • Collaboration with the City of Buffalo for installation of a Buffalo Safe Cam Surveillance Camera to oversee adjacent intersections 
  • Enhanced video and alarm monitoring systems
  • Installation of an emergency evacuation alarm system designed to activate security measures and simultaneously notify local authorities
  • Additional emergency exit above and beyond building code
  • New and additional LED lighting in the parking lot and around the building’s perimeter
  • Improved egress points and markings in the store
  • Improved sight lines and openness of the sales floor



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