2020 Food Predictions With a Twist

What trends will captivate consumers next year?

The Lempert Report

Just like almost everyone else, it's the time of the year for predictions. Some will talk about flavors and foods, but Nielsen’s this year is focused by their proprietary Nielsen Connect platform, which fuels their insights through their data as well as cloud based CPG modeling.

Here’s a look at just a few that we feel will have the greatest impact: 

  1. Transparency will be tomorrow’s brand currency. Interest in what was previously considered behind-the-scenes information about a company’s operational footprint will become mainstream topics of conversation. Nielsen predicts a major effort will focus on the need for urgent action, in particular, on climate change.
  2. Manufacturers will produce locally to win globally. Manufacturers will face increased pressure to produce locally, import fewer goods and search for economic differentiation.  
  3. 5G will revolutionize the internet of things for retail. Nielsen predicts the internet of things will finally become a mainstream reality, providing end consumers with access to more data at their fingertips with virtually no response delay, so they’re less limited in their ability to come to an informed decision on the retailers and brands they want to work with. While I applaud their enthusiasm, I think we are still years away from a 5G broad implementation.

While I disagree with a few of Nielsen’s assumptions, there is little doubt that 2020 will be game changing for grocery retail. 



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