Astra Peel-a-Ton: Increased Production Reduced Labor

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Hello I’m Hirotaka Ichijo, CEO, and Inventor of ASTRA Peel-a-ton.  We are a highly innovative manufacturer of commercial kitchen appliances that improves labor efficiency and safety. The task of peeling is labor intensive, growing up on a persimmon farm in Japan I watched my family work tirelessly to keep up, often employing temporary labor during peak season. Extra labor was always expensive and oftentimes not as skilled at the task as true professionals. My family's farm waste and labor cost continued to grow. I decided to use my skills in design and create a machine to aid in the task of peeling. This machine needed to do three things; Peel 3x faster than a person alone, reduce kitchen accidents, and reduce food waste by a significant amount. I Built my first machine for peeling the FAP-1001 AKA Peel-A-Ton XL. This machine solved our farm's labor problem, We were able to get one person to peel over 1000 persimmons per hour. Seeing how much this new tool helped my farm, we began to adapt new fruits and even vegetables to the list of things the FAP-1001 could process. As it stands now the FAP-1001 can peel over twenty fruits and vegetables including citrus, apples, kiwis, potatoes, raw beets.

peeling machine

After success with the XL we began work on a smaller peeler, now known as the Peel-A-Ton KA-700H. We wanted  a peeler that can fit in a small footprint and still give big results.  In the US the Peel-a-ton debuted at the 2018 National Restaurant Association show in Chicago where it was awarded the Kitchen Innovation Award. This model can peel all the same fruits and vegetables as the 1001, but in a compact body that can be put away after use.


The most asked question we had in 2018/2019 was do you have something that can peel pineapples. We began constructing a new upright model that was dubbed the KA-750 or The Pineapplator. This machine reduces waste by an average of 40% over traditional die-cut and 20% over hand peeling. This is because of the method in which the blade and fruit move in unison to preserve the fruit's shape, reduce waste, and increase shelf life because of the clean peel.

pineapple peeler

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