Dri Mark Products Exhibiting at the 2012 NRF Loss Prevention Show

For the 3rd consecutive year, Dri Mark Products, Inc., the leading manufacturer of America’s security marking and counterfeit detection systems, will exhibit at the annual NRF Loss Prevention Expo in the New Orleans Ernst N. Morial Convention Center, June 20-21, booth #510. Dri Mark will showcase the Dual Test and Tri Test Counterfeit Detection Systems and provide on-going demonstrations on how to effectively identify counterfeit currency and documents. “Our collection of counterfeit systems are the most cost effective and affordable methods that combat fraudulent currency presently available to retailers and other cash-tendering businesses today,” says Mark Dobbs, vice president of Dri Mark’s Security/Retail Division. “All of our counterfeit pen/UV light combos provide a fast and easy solution to an ongoing problem.” The Dual Test provide two quick reliable tests in one device:
  • Classic paper test using Dri Mark’s Counterfeit detector pen.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) light to reveal correct position and color of embedded security thread on all US $5 through $100 bills printed after 1996.
The portable, battery-operated Tri Test combines three effective counterfeit tests in one device:
  • Ultraviolet (UV) light to detect embedded security thread.
  • White fluorescent backlight to reveal watermarks.
  • Counterfeit detector pen to authenticate genuine U.S. currency paper.
As counterfeiting continues to challenge all types of loss prevention safeguards, Dri Mark is committed to helping businesses develop a loss prevention strategy through training materials and learning applications. “We not only provide systems, we partner with our clients to help educate associates on effective ways to prevent counterfeit currency from negatively impacting cash drawers,” says Dobbs. Dri Mark’s fraudulent protection systems are also highly effective in detecting document fraud for driver’s licenses, passports, credit cards, and travelers checks. For details on all of Dri Mark’s counterfeit detector systems and training applications, visit booth #510.


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