FMI and SABER Partner on Crisis Management

Trade group selects an experienced solutions provider to aid member retailers
Photograph: Shutterstock

Food Marketing Institute (FMI) announced this week it has joined forces with data solutions provider SABER (Single Automated Business Exchange for Reporting),

The partnership hopes to provide major national food retail chains as well as regionals and independents with a better way to ascertain their operations after inclement weather, earthquakes or other events. 

“When a food retailer goes into response mode after a natural disaster, one of the first steps is to assess which stores are open and which stores are closed,” said Doug Baker, vice president of industry relations for Washington, D.C.-based FMI. “This essential information helps federal and local government agencies direct assistance so that grocery stores can reopen their doors and serve the community in need.”

Baker also said that FMI selected SABER as a partner in building this effort because the firm has a market-ready turnkey solution, and SABER's existing technologies will allow FMI members to improve response times and better track information while using available data to prioritize decisions. Several top retailers are already a part of the SABER network, including Wakefern Corp., Associated Grocers, Target, Costco, Walmart, Sears, Lowes, Macy’s and Walgreens.

“The mission of SABER is to help businesses in an emergency stay open longer and to get businesses back in business faster,” said James Morentz, executive director of SABER. “We offer this complimentary service to retailers so there can be a more coordinated and efficient response after a natural disaster.”

Besides providing tools for retailing companies, SABER also serves the public sector organizations with a portal system called SpotOnResponse. In 2017, the firm was awarded the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Individual and Community Preparedness Award for Technology Innovation. SABER also offers a mobile app for smartphones.


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