Food on Social Media Gets Even Better

The Lempert Report: Snapchat has rolled out new filters that can recognize what's in your pix which will provide contextually aware graphics

It works on sports equipment, pets and, of course, food. Trigger the filters by capturing images and video of these items and the objects at different locations, including concerts and beaches. 

This technology relies on the object-recognition patent Snap was granted in July. The big opportunity is for brands and retailers  to use these new graphics to create ads for their products. One example given by Engadget is that a snap of a cup of coffee could serve up a coupon for the store where it was taken. Another is a visit to a restaurant could unlock the graphics of its menu, and of course be able to highlight specials and even go a step further to offer deals on menu items in off times or when a certain food just isn’t selling very well. The food ideas are endless, which underscores the fact that every food retailer needs to not only understand the technology and its opportunities, but also put their stake in the game.



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