FutureProof Retail Unveils Express Checkout Shopping App

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FutureProof Retail (FPR), a software development provider, has launched Express Checkout, a start-to-finish self-checkout app. 

Express Checkout is an easy-to-use, white-labeled check-out app that store owners can make available to their customers. With this app in hand, customers can walk the store, scanning items as they are placed in the cart. Once the shopping trip is complete, the consumer simply pushes a ‘checkout’ button, and pays via their smartphone. 

In addition to solving the No. 1 consumer shopping complaint of a too-long checkout process, the Express Checkout App offers store owners a robust way to create and manage customer loyalty, effectively changing loyalty shopping programs as they are known, say company officials. 

The app collects user personal data upon sign up, tracks purchase history and provides product suggestion (in real time) based on other products scanned. The Express Checkout features allow merchants to create long-term, authentic and sustainable loyalty by: reducing merchandise handling; reducing lines and wait times; reclaiming floor space for high profit products; increasing impulse purchases by pushing product suggestions to shoppers; and gaining knowledge of the shopper’s buying habits.

“We truly believe this app is poised to completely change the shopping experience as we know it,” says FPR Founder Di Di Chan. “We are incredibly excited about the effect this app will have on the world, and the additional robust features we are planning to roll out in the next year." 


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