FutureProof Retail Unveils Partner Incentive Program

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FutureProof Retail (FPR) has launched a Partner Incentive Program for its Mobile Checkout app.

Mobile Checkout is an easy-to-use, white labeled shopping app that store owners can make available to their customers. With this app in hand, customers are enabled to walk the store scanning items as they are placed in the cart, say company officials. Once the shopping trip is complete, the consumer simply pushes a ‘check out’ button, and pays via their smartphone, credit/debit card, or Apple Pay.

With the rollout of a Partner Program, resellers are able to:

Participate in a revenue-sharing model

Get in front of competition by adding a new means of doing business

Incorporate the technology across any platform

Experience seamless integration and transition

Gain access to all FPR marketing materials to quickly enable adoption

“The launch of our Partner Program is exciting on many levels,” says Di Di Chan, FPR Founder and President.  “Not only is it a tremendous opportunity for quicker customer acquisition and engagement, it speaks volumes to the rapid growth and success we are experiencing as a company.”



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