How Quality Paid Programming Makes a Difference for In-Store TVs

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Options abound for grocery and convenience retailers looking to add an entertainment solution to their stores, but not all programming fits every store or consumer base. Flexibility and customizability are key attributes to look for in an entertainment provider—and paid programming can make a big difference.

Getting entertainment right

Having in-store televisions is quickly becoming table stakes for retailers of all stripes. According to Technomic’s 2021 Supermarket Intelligence Report, 31% of supermarkets currently have televisions installed, and 59% of retailers without TVs say they intend to add them in the next three years.

It’s no surprise that adding and enhancing in-store media options is a chief strategic priority for many retailers: Grocers using TVs list greater cart averages and improved customer loyalty among the benefits. In-store entertainment appeals to convenience shoppers, too. And according to Technomic’s recent State of the Convenience Foodservice Industry report, most (53%) c-store consumers say stores with TVs appeal to them.

For retailers utilizing televisions inside their stores or planning to add them soon, cable services, local TV channels or ad-supported streaming services may be serviceable options, but opportunities to truly engage with shoppers and stand out from competitors with these solutions are limited. Retailers say that finding a good fit for the store’s specific consumer base and having a variety of programming options at their disposal are top priorities: According to Technomic’s Supermarket Intelligence Report, 22% of supermarket retailers say that the most important attribute they consider when selecting a media provider is that the programming appeals to their customers in particular, and 15% say the same of having a wide selection of programs to choose between. Paid media services, as opposed to alternative options, offer better customizability to tailor programming not just to the store’s consumer base, but even to certain seasons, events and times of day.

Customized solutions, dependable service

The quality and availability of technical support from a leading media partner, such as DIRECTV National Accounts, can also make a major difference. According to Technomic’s Supermarket Intelligence report, the No. 1 attribute retailers look for when selecting a media provider is good customer support, and for good reason. Among retail locations currently using live TV or streaming TV, loss of connection and equipment failure; lack of in-house technical support and provider customer support; and difficulty of use and setup are the most common issues. It’s safe to assume the need for fast, effective support is only augmented by current labor struggles, as 82% of retailers say they’re struggling to hire enough workers at the store level, according to Technomic’s April 2022 C-Store Operator Update.

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