Maximize Sales This Football Season with In-Store Entertainment Solutions

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“Homegating”—a tailgating alternative that brings the food and fun indoors—had already become a mainstay for football fans in years past. But this season, with stadiums limiting capacities or eliminating in-person spectatorship altogether, fans are more likely than ever to bring the festivities from the parking lot to their living rooms.

This spells a big opportunity for grocers to boost sales by broadcasting pre-game coverage and recipe inspiration that will have football enthusiasts bulking up their baskets as they count down the days to kickoff.

Entertainment boosts basket size

At any time of year, watching television is consumers’ favorite occasion to snack; Technomic’s 2020 Snacking Occasion Consumer Trend Report found that 65% of consumers typically watch TV while snacking. Given that, for many consumers, football games are snacking occasions in their own right, the number of consumers shopping for snacks and beverages will likely be far higher leading up to gamedays. Plus, consumers buy 77% of their packaged and prepared snacks from retailers—so grocers in particular can expect a flurry of snack-seeking shoppers before major games.

To encourage these football fans to stock up before a game, retailers can implement two major tactics: building excitement and providing recipe inspiration using TV screens in the store.

Broadcasting pre-event coverage on in-store TV screens helps remind consumers of an upcoming game and build excitement for the occasion. By reaching consumers while they’re already browsing the aisles, grocers can inspire shoppers to start purchasing food and beverages ahead of time, giving basket sizes a boost.

Sharing videos with quick tutorials for crafting gameday eats can also encourage sales. Recipes for classics such as Buffalo chicken wings and nachos or fun shareables such as pulled pork on slider buns and toasted ravioli can inspire shoppers to make something special to enjoy with the big game—whether they’re watching with the family on a casual night at home or hosting a “homegate” with guests.

Regardless of what grocers choose to broadcast, the entertainment factor of in-store TVs is itself an asset. Entertained shoppers will be wont to linger in the store, giving them time to browse shelves for items that otherwise may not have caught their eye. No matter how or why grocers use them, TV screens are a boon to boosting basket size.

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