Mobile Checkout as a Social Distancer?

Downloads jump by 300% at Fairway, with 20% of customers choosing to scan and pay
FutureProof Retail
Photograph courtesy of FutureProof Retail

Touting its phone-based scan-and-pay technology as a means of enabling social distancing in stores, FutureProof Retail is making its Mobile Checkout Solution free of charge for retail food stores and pharmacies nationwide during the coronavirus pandemic.

The New York-based company said its Mobile Checkout, which allows shoppers to scan items with their phones as they shop and pay with a scan at a mobile checkout station, is helping shoppers practice social distancing—avoiding lines, interactions and additional product handling—while enabling them to get the food supplies they need amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Because of its potential public health benefits, we are offering our basic service for free during the current state of emergency,” FutureProof Retail CEO Will Hogben said. “The more stores we can enable, the more people will avoid checkout lines, reducing stress on the stores and community.”

FutureProof is in place at Fairway Market stores in New York, which has been recommending the app as a part of its safety recommendations to shoppers. Since that campaign began, Fairway has seen app adoption increase by more 300%, with 20% of transactions now coming through the mobile checkout app in its city stores and as much as 30% at some locations.

FutureProof said its solution could be implemented at a store in as little as three working days, using CSV (comma-separated values, or plain text files) to import products and prices and export transaction logs. In addition to mobile technology for shoppers, it provides control systems for store staff and managers, customizable communication templates, social media and in-store signage.


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