New Food-Focused App Helps Shoppers Make Smarter Choices

U.K.-based tool, Giki, is one of several popping up across the pond

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Giki, a new U.K.-based app, assesses a product’s sustainability, health and fairness credentials by awarding it up to 12 "badges."

The badges include organic, recyclable packaging, local (U.K.-made), low-carbon footprint, responsibly sourced, no chemicals of concern, free from additives, healthier, animal welfare, no animal testing, greener cosmetics, and kinder cleaning. Users scan a product’s barcode to get its ratings in each category. Where a product scores poorly, alternatives are suggested.

There are more than 250,000 products on the app, both branded goods and store brand labels from supermarkets including Waitrose, Co-op, Asda and Sainsbury’s. Pack information, government guidelines and scientific research are added to a database which algorithmically scores product against all the badge options.

And there are more tech innovations on the way:

Refill: Helps you find water-bottle refilling stations near you so that you don’t have to buy plastic bottles.  

Farmdrop: Delivers ethically sourced food fresh from farm to your front door. Uses electric delivery vans, paper bags and fully compostable carriers.

Karma: Find leftover food from restaurants, including Aubaine and Hummus Bros., for half the regular price.

Happy Cow: Helps you find a local veggie or vegan restaurant worldwide. 

It’s amazing just how much more advanced these food-focused apps are across the pond, as we in the U.S. still struggle with how to offer electronic coupons.


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