New Platform Offers Independents a Quick Route to E-Commerce

New solution provides e-commerce promotion, loyalty and media features, Inmar says.
Photograph: Shutterstock

The coronavirus pandemic has American grocers pivoting quickly to e-commerce, and Inmar Intelligence has introduced a new enhanced digital shopping solution for independent grocers that it said could have e-commerce up and running in four weeks.

This platform, powered by Inmar’s Retail Engagement Platform, combines front- and back-end features for driving sales while reducing waste, Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Inmar said. In addition to the online shopping functionality, the integrated solution gives the grocery retailer access to promotion, loyalty and media features to accelerate growth and consumer engagement. The platform will help retailers deliver a scalable solution that heightens the digital shopping experience for their customers, creating brand loyalty and long-lasting growth, the company said.

“In response to stay-at-home mandates due to COVID-19, there is a large gap between shopper demand for online grocery ordering and the supply of delivery time slots available from the stores and delivery services,” Diana Medina, director of e-commerce solutions for Inmar Intelligence, said in a statement. “Because of this, many shoppers have to choose between physically visiting a store or going without the items they need. We see this as an opportunity for independent grocery retailers to provide shoppers with an additional option for buying groceries online and create brand loyalty and continued growth post-pandemic. If we can help 100 independent retail locations launch an e-commerce platform within the next month, then together we can help 1,500 shoppers per day receive grocery deliveries.”


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