The Next Revenue Stream: A New Way to Grow the Retail Media Ecosystem


Retail media is estimated to be a $100B business by 2026, representing 25% of all ad budgets, according to Boston Consulting Group. Newer technology can grow those figures, providing an incremental revenue stream that monetizes site traffic with new methods for customer retention, acquisition and engagement. It takes a major step in retail media expansion by progressing retail comprehension of “our shopper” to understanding the shopper’s universe.

Post-purchase retail media targets site traffic leveraging first and third-party data to serve relevant offers that create value to shoppers post transaction. The opportunity opens the door to countless brands and advertisers wishing to engage, or be the next stop after a shopper’s initial purchase. This helps retailer media players monetize their traffic beyond traditional shelf space with emerging players offering solutions in the space, such as AdsPostX.

The new smart targeting technology, Nexos, the brains behind AdsPostX, curates offers after each transaction, attracting a wider range of advertisers including supplier brands as well as non-endemic advertisers, with retailers having full control of what offers appear. Nexos builds relevancy along the customer journey to serve ads that drive incremental growth post purchase across an omnichannel business.  For example, when a customer orders groceries for pickup, they receive a $5 discount for the bakery or cafe, which expands the customer opportunity and helps to supplement the costs of BOPIS services. 

The bigger picture for optimization

With a diverse catalog of offers and content, Nexos has even broader potential to provide dynamic personalization. Through continuous learning, Nexos becomes even more valuable with cumulative signals of what shoppers are buying and where they shop, filling in the details of the overall customer journey.

The post-transaction experience continues to get better over time. Unlike pushing the same third-party ads time and again, AdsPostX takes a more surgical approach to drive a sophisticated waterfall of offers that the retailer controls. This allows retailers to meet shoppers at their point of need, and to drive better experiences with flexible, rich media that feels native and enhances yield.

Digital mall mentality

When the shopper leaves a brick and mortar store, they will likely see another store or offer that will catch their attention or they may return to that store for future purchases. The retail media innovation allows advertisers to build on momentum that exists while a shopper is in purchasing mode, providing an advantageous approach for customer engagement, retention or acquisition. Expansion into post-purchase media delivers new ad positions that provide creative flexibility for advertisers to engage with shoppers in a relevant way.

How it works

Once a customer completes their purchase, Nexos takes a more holistic view of the online and offline customer journey to deliver personalized offers on the confirmation page. Advertisers deploy flexible campaigns to support their goals, while retailers can drive traffic and purchase frequency to achieve incremental growth and shopper retention.

If the shopper expresses interest, the offer button will take them to a web page where they continue their shopping journey. The experience is customizable for each retailer, based on goals and objectives, with flexibility offered around ad formats, copy and creative elements. Nexos uses conversion data to optimize performance and provide greater value to advertisers. The technology’s advanced relevancy takes learning from conversions and low CTRs serve the most attractive offers to each shopper, removing ads served to non-interested shoppers.

Many large, respected retailers and retail media platforms are utilizing the Nexos technology offered through AdsPostX to drive incremental revenues. Jon Nolz, CEO of AdsPostX said, "Our technology is a natural extension for retail media sales teams to offer a new monetization tool that massively expands the advertiser pool.”

By adding the AdsPostX technology, merchants are expected to gain an additional 20 to 25 cents per transaction without sharing personally identifiable information (PII), protecting the identity of every shopper. There are additional protections that are built into partner agreements. For instance, advertisers may not automatically sign consumers up for additional offers nor is there a “use card on file” option.

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