Online Grocery Now Accounts for Over 6% of U.S. Grocery Spending

Better shopping experience, more consumer trial drive 15% year-over-year growth
Online Grocery Shopping
Photograph: Shutterstock

Online grocery now accounts for 6.3% of total grocery-related spending by households in the U.S., according to Brick Meets Click, a Barrington, Ill.-based research firm. The study also found that online grocery sales have also grown by more than 15% on a year-over-year basis during 2019.

The study was conducted though an online survey of 2,485 adults. The prior-year comparison was based on earlier Brick Meets Click surveys following a similar approach.

“There’s still a fair amount of purchase trial, occurring as consumers search for acceptable online shopping alternatives,” said David Bishop, partner with Brick Meets Click. “For example, we found that approximately one-third of the active households’ most recent online order was the first time they used the service.”

But it's not just the availability of so many online shopping options that account for the grocery sector's growth in sales online. According to Brick Meets Click's analysis, online providers are actively improving their customers' shopping experience. Online provider efforts to ease shoppers' ability to find products quickly is a key factor. Specifically, the percentage of customers polled, who said they found everything they wanted to buy while shopping for groceries online, rose to 90% in 2019. This increase constitutes a 12% rise vs. last year. 


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