Sports Entertainment All Year Long Can Increase Sales of Game Day Snacks

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Watching a sports event and having a snack go hand-in-hand. And, when the snacks are gone, a snack run to the local convenience or grocery store becomes inevitable.

According to Technomic’s 2022Snacking Occasion Consumer Trend Report, foodservice snacking purchases are evenly split between planned and impulse occasions—50% of consumers make planned purchases, and 50% make impulse purchases.

Game day party hosts have snack favorites such as salty snacks and pizza at the ready for guests when they arrive, but they’re not the only ones providing food. Most party goers don’t like to show up to the festivities empty-handed, so they also head to the store and make purchases before showing up to watch the game.

This year, for example, more than half of party hosts said they planned to spend up to $100 on food and drinks such as salty snacks, pizza and beer for the Big Game, according to Advantage Solutions’ Super Bowl 2023: Who’ll Be Watching and What Will They Be Spending? report. Seventy-nine percent planned on having salty snacks, 70% planned to serve pizza and six in 10 were opting for sandwiches and even dessert items.

Party attendees said they planned to bring food contributions, too, with two-thirds expecting to spend $51-$100 on food and drinks. Sixty percent said they were going to bring salty snacks, 48% pizza and more than 40% planned on bringing brews.

Yearlong sports entertainment beyond more celebrated events like the Big Game can bring customers into the store more frequently for game day snacks. For instance, college sports fans and baseball fanatics are just as enthusiastic about game day snacking.

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Whether shopping, browsing or simply waiting in line, customers like to be entertained. Showcasing year-round sports events and programming with television broadcasting in stores, along with displays of seasonal snacks with the season’s sports, can encourage purchases that can be served to family and friends on game day. Retailers can pair seasonal sports with seasonal food options such as soft pretzels and dips in the fall, and hot dogs and burgers in the summer to increase snack and beverage sales.

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