Thinking Food? Think Google

The Silicon Valley powerhouse will soon change how we eat

The Lempert Report

Throughout the first half of this year, Google has been steadily adding features to its apps that are focused on food, according to The Spoon. Here is what Google has accomplished since January of this year:

  • The company launched Duplex, a human sounding artificial intelligence assistant that can make restaurant reservations.
  • It partnered with Innit and Flex to enable new interfaces, cloud connectivity and smart kitchen software capabilities to appliances.
  • Its Wing Aviation subsidiary received Federal Aviation Administration approval to make public drone deliveries. 
  • It launched CallJoy, a phone-based system to provide outgoing basic information and data analytics for small businesses such as restaurants.
  • It has added menu recognition to Google Lens, letting you point your camera at a physical menu to highlight popular dishes and see pictures of them.
  • It has begun integrating food delivery from third parties, including DoorDash and Postmates, directly into Google Search, Google Maps and Google Assistant.
  • It has also added popular dishes from restaurants directly into Google Maps.

The Spoon writes that Google researchers are developing other innovations involving robotics in the kitchen. Google is getting a much bigger and more direct influence over how we will eat, making the Silicon Valley powerhouse the next big player in food tech.


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