Thrive Market Taps RangeMe for Product Discovery

Platform to streamline online better-for-you retailer's portfolio
Photograph courtesy of Thrive Market

Online organic and non-GMO-focused retailer Thrive Market is partnering with RangeMe, which provides an online platform that "streamlines new product discovery" for retailer and suppliers. 

Julie Johnston, SVP of merchandising and chief merchant for Thrive Market, said the new partnership will offer Thrive "a comprehensive way to see a huge portfolio of products and brands" in its categories, which will allow it to stay "on top of the latest trends and emerging brands" in its space. 

"It is a platform that promotes communication between brand and retailer without being disruptive to the merchants," Johnston said. "Typically, merchants are inundated with emails from brands asking for distribution, but RangeMe allows us to decide how and when to respond to incoming brand requests."

RangeMe, which launched in 2015, also partners with retailer such as Whole Foods, Albertsons and Target as it continues to grow its technology to help "launch new products into the marketplace to meet consumers' ever-changing needs and wants," said Nicky Jackson, founder and CEO of RangeMe. 

"The old playbook of how the CPG industry operates is gone, and we're rewriting a new one in real time. For suppliers to see Thrive Market on RangeMe opens up yet another window of opportunity for them to succeed on their CPG journey," she said, adding that Thrive Market it the "ideal partner" as it is "furthering the revolution of how people shop, especially for organic and natural products."


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