Weis Taps Birdzi to Boost Customer Engagement

Technology provides personalized recommendations based on shopper data
Photograph: Shutterstock

Weis Markets has partnered with customer engagement ecosystem provider Birdzi to support the retailer’s customer-driven strategy in the Mid-Atlantic region it serves.

Birdzi said its AI relationship engine uses several hundred attributes for each shopper, which it gathers at purchase, to help retailers better address shopper needs and provide personalized real-time recommendations.

Ron Bonacci, Weis Markets’ VP of advertising and marketing, said the retailer expects the new technology to help team members understand customers and build relationships with them.

“Birdzi will help us connect with individual shoppers while providing them with meaningful savings on relevant products," Bonacci said. "This working relationship will help us deliver new services as the digital and physical worlds of retail merge together.”

Shekar Raman, CEO and co-founder of Birdzi, said the new relationship demonstrates that key retailers value a comprehensive customer ecosystem, and Birdzi works to give “regional retailers a path away from the siloed systems of today to a seamless and cohesive ecosystem for the future.”

Gary Hawkins, author of the recent book “Retail in the Age of ‘I,’” said the partnership is a “dream team.”

“This combination gives Weis the ability to engage the individual customer and use vast customer intelligence," Hawkins said. "It will make use of a comprehensively integrated ecosystem to understand, acquire, grow and retain customers, by building relationships based on meaningful and contextual relevancy."



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