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Forget the ‘E,' It’s Just Commerce Now

Changing shopper needs in 2020 that emphasize convenience, speed and quality, coupled with the advent of technology enabling convenient shop-at-home commerce, has eliminated the divide between stores and online.


Microfulfillment Goes Underground

A robotic center squeezes into a skyscraper basement in Tel Aviv, illustrating that flexibility isn't just a demand of consumers.

Technology waits for no one, writes Mike Eardley, president and CEO of the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association.

AutoStore delivering a cube-based microfulfillment solution to U.S. grocery

The Lempert Report: As delivery contractors unite to demand more equitable compensation, will more retailers move the service in-house or push click-and-collect?

The Lempert Report: What trends will captivate consumers next year?

The Lempert Report: Blockchain technology may help the seafood industry bolster safety, sustainability and authenticity.

A report card on food retailers’ digital strategies finds low scores overall in their ability to merge the physical and digital worlds of grocery shopping.

The Lempert Report: Uber Eats, DoorDash, Instacart and others have been blamed for cheating workers on tips, so how does the industry survive?

Aimia General Manager Steve Campbell shares why it’s critical for retailers to effectively use customer data to make better decisions, and ultimately run better stores.

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