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How Daisy Is Democratizing AI for Retailers of All Sizes

Daisy’s VP of sales, Jeff Sweeney, shares how his company’s “reinforcement learning” platform helps retailers of all sizes see what others don’t.


Yes, Another Story About Food Robots

The Lempert Report: Over the next decade, automation and AI could put 54 million Americans out of work.

The distributor has partnered with Symphony RetailAI to improve forecast accuracy and inventory in the warehouse and stores.

Mercatus CEO Sylvain Perrier discusses the challenges of navigating tech solutions.

Chris Brandon, VP of business development for Movista, discusses how the company’s mobile-based retail execution and workforce management platform is increasing accountability.

The Lempert Report: The Open Agricultural Initiative, a climate-controlled greenhouse designed to raise crops in the air, faces new scrutiny.

Order for pickup can be overwhelming since retailers prioritize many different factors. But it helps to understand why an important part of the process is speed.

CookIt, which will be introduced at the ShopRite and The Fresh Grocer banners, combines menu planning and food purchase with one click.

AI will radically change the face of retail, but you'll need talent, clean data and the right partners to succeed.

A key to successful promotions is recognizing the complex relationships between products, promotional and price elasticity, forward buying, and seasonality.

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