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Kroger Expands Scan, Bag, Go to 18 Divisions

The proprietary technology provides personalization with a seamless shopping experience.


Online Grocery Shopping to Surge to 70% by 2024

The second-year findings of the joint study identify six "digital imperatives."

The program offers users “smart discounts” on healthy food in grocery stores.

A joint research study reveals new insights for differentiated growth.

From Amazon Go to Fresh Pickup to a cash-free Starbucks, Winsight found a frictionless and friendly future in the Emerald City.

The partnership with the Japanese e-commerce giant will bring online grocery shopping and delivery to Walmart’s Seiyu retail chain in Japan, as well as e-books and e-readers to Walmart’s stores and online shop in the U.S.

The 87-store retailer is using the AI platform to analyze and track transactions.

The Lempert Report: A blockchain technology company is using facial recognition on free-range chickens.

U.K.-based online grocery specialist Ocado bringing grocery ordering, automated fulfillment and home delivery solution to Sobeys; eyeing other partnerships

From robots, to crowdsourcing to the cloud, retailers are moving quickly to adapt technology