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Robotic Fulfillment Centers Race to Get 'Picked'

Fueled by the promise of massive savings—and the possibilities that they could bring—ShopTalk exhibitors made their pitch to supermarkets.


How Schnucks Is Speeding Up Checkout

The new system also boosts inventory management efficiency.

The retailer is piloting the AI solutions with its new One Touch Fuel app at 25 stores.

As our world increasingly becomes tailored to individuals, author Gary Hawkins discusses the inspiration behind his new book that explores the impact of the age of “I” in retail, including shopper expectations and the challenge traditional retailers face.

The launch follows a pilot program that scored high on key digital metrics alongside higher engagement.

Here are some ways grocery stores are leveraging technology to win customer loyalty and strengthen their bottom line.

Grocery stores are at a pivotal juncture. As more shoppers go online for their food and other purchases, retailers are poised to use this behavioral shift to their advantage.

The ability to improve the customer experience is influenced greatly by increased operational efficiency, which is where autonomous robots really shine.

The Lempert Report: Stop & Shop is planning to test the idea this spring.

Shoppers earn double the perks for using the retailer's new debit card and mobile wallet together.