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Stocking the Digital Shelf: How optimizing product discoverability improves shopper experience and boosts online CPG sales

The key for retailers and brands looking to stand out among thousands of other options goes beyond product development and eye-catching marketing.


You Better Learn More about Agroforestry

The Lempert Report: The integration of trees with crops and livestock provides stability in food production.

The Lempert Report: Robots and new gadgets will better allow farmers in the future to decide what to sow, when to fertilize and how much to irrigate.

Shoppers hoping to avoid crowded physical spaces encounter massive virtual congestion as retailers and their partners hustle toward solutions they thought were in the future, leaving money on the table.

The $50 million Greycroft Albertsons Fund, launched less than two years ago, is developing 16 companies providing the retailer with a peek at the future of food.

The online grocery delivery company will distribute the free kits, which include face masks, hand sanitizer and thermometers, to its contract workers in the wake of COVID-19.

How forgiving will shoppers be to a retailer that has failed to deliver on expectations during these challenging times?

The omnichannel retailer is developing robots to aid detection and disinfection amid the coronavirus crisis, and it plans to sell them online.

Partnering with Amazon and Alberstons, the tech startup turns recipes into shopping baskets for delivery—and back into recipes.

​​​​​​​Relex co-founder Michal Falck discusses how the intelligent supply chain was dealt a blow by panicked shoppers—and how the same system can now help it recover.

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