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The Thorn in Food Delivery's Side Might Signal Its Demise

The Lempert Report: A fragile workforce is growing suspicious of food delivery companies.


Food for Thought From a Futurist

Early-stage food investor Brian Frank discusses how robotics, the internet of things and plant breeding will shape food operations in the years to come.

The Lempert Report: A company called Smallhold makes selling mushrooms easier by setting up mini-farms in restaurants and supermarkets.

New features provide flexible shopping options and alerts, supporting anticipated growth

The Lempert Report: Electric scooters are cost-effective and becoming a popular choice

Today, the customer relationship is more endangered than ever as the largest retailers deploy robotics and technologies enabling the shopper to visit a store, pick up the groceries they want without interacting with humans.

Foodservice technology is making new strides, from sustainable indoor farming to food safety training and tech solutions that mitigate human error.

Offering personalization will be key as demographic, cultural and behavioral shifts loom large.

Small retailers need e-commerce solutions that capitalize on their existing advantages and can replicate them online, the authors say.

2020 marks the arrival of an era in which retailers must adapt technology to create meaningful connections with shoppers.

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