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Aldi to Test Cashier-Free Shopping in Netherlands Store

With an eye on exploring how computer vision can support a cost-focused, high-volume retailer with checkout-free shopping and other potential benefits, Aldi Nord teams with Trigo on a new deployment in Utrecht.


Inmar to Acquire AKI Technologies

Data and tech-enabled services company aims to add personalization at scale to existing retail media offerings driven by first-party consumer data.

As shoppers linger longer in the store, and as many are on the lookout for new recipes to try, in-store televisions offer the perfect platform for offering inspiration with in-house grocery chefs showing how to make dishes with ingredients from the store, Food Network favorites keeping shoppers atop of the latest trends in home cooking and more.

Investing in automation is one solution that can help streamline grocery perimeter operations, ensure employees are productive and efficient and reduce the need for additional employees.

Test of Robomart stores, which can be summoned like an Uber and shopped like an Amazon Go, have executed trips in as few as two minutes.

Out-of-stock (OOS) is one of the biggest hurdles in the food retail industry and has gained even more attention in the pandemic environment as consumers are seeking high-demand products but are faced with empty shelves.

CitrusAd’s name has become synonymous with retail media, providing intelligent and cost-effective ad serving for the thousands of brands across a multitude of retail and ecommerce websites and apps globally.

The companies are set to offer new technology integration to deliver media performance, measurement and reporting to the thousands of brands sold on the Shipt marketplace.

Latest tool aims to help retailers combine multiple picking strategies in fulfilling orders, managing pickers’ time more efficiently and improving the customer experience.

It's not Walmart's first foray into driverless delivery, but the collaboration with Ford and Argo AI is Walmart's first that will see self-driving delivery debut in multiple cities at once.

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