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Virtual Reality Could Amp Up Food Safety Training

The Lempert Report: Program allows the user to act as a time-pressured chef who must follow health protocol.


The Amazon Doctrine and the Innovation Arms Race

The world’s leading e-tailer is leveraging its leadership position and vast resources to overwhelm the traditional grocery industry. But there are ways for retailers to compete.

Download this white paper from Itasca Retail Information Systems to learn more about inventory solutions.

The Lempert Report: 3D printing could create ingredients that conform to users' needs or preferences.

The Lempert Report: Products available range from fertilizer to seeds and pigs.

The Lempert Report: The acquisition of Jump could be used to enhance food delivery.

The Lempert Report: The CKBK platform will cost "a little bit under $9.99" for premium content.

The Lempert Report: The 16-time cookbook author says "recipes are dead."

The Lempert Report: A new "Hotspots" feature could allow the chain to send pizza to customers at beaches, parks and landmarks.

Veteran e-tailing analyst Zia Daniell Widger, now the chief content officer for Shoptalk, discusses the fast-growing event and its new grocery-focused sister, in WGB's Breakroom.

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