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Taking Stock of Stockouts

New technologies are offering retailers better visibility into shelf conditions and prevention of out-of-stocks—and not a moment too soon.


COVID-19: Preparing for a Marathon, Not a Sprint

The pandemic has sparked a pivotal moment for e-commerce adoption, but success requires agility and strategic investments right for the long haul, the author says.

Newly launched Facebook Shops could aid bounce back for direct-to-consumer sales and ailing small businesses.

Four elements of online grocery shopping retailers should know: modular pickup boxes, lockers, robotic warehouses and touch-free technology.

Online grocery shoppers are searching for products that fit certain criteria. Brands that are optimizing their product listings are winning the purchase.

New demands on labor and cleanliness will drive autonomous solutions for any number of dirty problems.

The Lempert Report: Building traceability and transparency in complex supply chains isn’t easy, but it offers a continuous way to monitor and report information to consumers.

The Lempert Report: Amazon boosts order capacity by 60%, while Instacart adds workers and smaller chains set up shopping time slots through an online reservation system.

Homebound U.S. consumers spent a record $5.3 billion on e-commerce grocery shopping during April, an increase of 37% from what they spent in March, a new Brick Meets Click survey shows.

While demand for online grocery has rocketed to a point at which efficiency is more important than ever, other pandemic trends also favor a microfulfillment solution. Here's what its early adopters have learned.

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