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Nuro Draws New Investment

SoftBank has contributed $940 million to support expansion of the self-driving delivery van business.


Did Reynolds Wrap Make the Ultimate Super Bowl Play?

The Lempert Report: The aluminum foil producer created a wearable snack pack.

The new investment will fuel further growth for the retail supply chain software firm.

After workers demonstrated shortcomings of its new pay policy, the company pledged to leave tips alone and retroactively compensate contractors.

The Lempert Report: The technology does not require a visual description.

Here are the four pillars of a successful end-to-end grocery delivery program.

Ocado Zoom will have a smaller assortment but faster delivery, and it could become a potential option for partners such as Kroger.

The Canadian technology is expanding in the states with pilots in Target and Hy-Vee.

The Lempert Report: General Motors and DoorDash have teamed up for a new pilot.

Retailers are becoming overwhelmed when grappling to keep up with the pace of change, yet they mustn’t let up, lest they risk being left behind.