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FutureProof Retail Unveils Express Checkout Shopping App

With this app in hand, customers can walk the store, scanning items as they are placed in the cart.


2018 Food Trends #6: 'Technofoodology'

The Lempert Report: New technologies surrounding food are set to catapult consumers into convenience.

Retailers are applying data, artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve problems large and small in a world where omnichannel is rapidly becoming the only channel.

Integration with trailer tracking device manufacturers enables enterprise shippers to comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act.

New features also include money orders and bill payments

The Lempert Report: Researchers are working toward creating an edible RFID chip.

New technology integration to help retailers compete with Amazon, Walmart

The Lempert Report: A blockchain technology company is using facial recognition on free-range chickens.

iGrabit's creators say its new offering is an "Amazon Prime for independents."

New process begin in November and includes groceries

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