Are Your Store's CBD Products Compliant with this 2019 Legislation?

Phones scanning CBD oil bar code on box
Photograph: Green Roads

The CBD (cannabidiol) sector is booming. This trend is on track to continue, with analysts projecting the industry will be worth $22 billion by 2020.

In any relatively new industry, genuine, pure products share shelves with a small number of fly-by-night brands. Unfortunately, a chance encounter with a subpar product can rob your location of a CBD product customer forever. Moreover, your customers won’t get to experience the power of this natural compound to support their wellness.

Green Roads® CBD leads the industry in self-regulation and quality control. This ensured the company was well-prepared when a groundbreaking piece of legislation called SB1020 went into effect in Florida in July 2019.


What is SB1020 and why does it matter?

SB1020 sets certain standards for CBD manufacturers (specifically in the state of Florida). No matter where you’re located, these quality control standards represent some of the best practices in the CBD industry. Following them will help make sure your customers are getting the quality you deserve. Overall, SB1020 is designed to make CBD products safer and more transparent for consumers. Among other standards, the bill stipulates that all CBD products sold in the state must have a certificate of analysis stating the following:

• The hemp extract is the product of a batch tested by an independent laboratory.

This critical step has been a part of Green Roads’ quality control processes for a long time. It makes sure that customers are getting a product that contains genuine CBD in the amount they expect to consume.

• The batch contains a total THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) concentration that does not exceed 0.3%

This is the legal limit for industrial hemp, the plant from which CBD is extracted. Green Roads chooses to reduce this amount even lower to less than 0.0 milligrams, which many customers find reassuring.

• The batch does not contain ingredients unsafe for human consumption (metals, pesticides, solvents, etc.)

Furthermore, CBD products must be distributed or sold in packaging that states the batch number and includes a scannable barcode or QR code linked to the certificate of analysis from the independent testing laboratory. These QR codes have been available on all Green Roads product packaging since long before SB1020 went into effect.


Why Sell SB1020-Compliant CBD?

Sell SB1020-compliant CBD because these standards represent the best quality control practices for this new set of wellness products. Because you pay attention to quality and consistency in everything you stock, you will become a trusted resource for customers. In fact, educating them about SB1020 and why your products are compliant can help them navigate the evolving industry. This type of customer service is the key to building long-term relationships that bring people back through your doors again and again.


How Do I Know if My CBD Product Is Compliant?

You can begin by examining the QR codes on the packaging of your CBD products. If the products don’t have codes that lead you to third-party lab testing, that is worth noting in and of itself. Furthermore, you can ask your CBD provider if it is aware of SB1020 and whether or not its products would meet those standards. As a retailer, your challenge is knowing where your CBD providers come from and which regulations they operate under. If you know your CBD is from Florida or a state with legislation similar to SB1020, and you know your provider meets those standards, you can be confident of a certain level of quality.

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