Arteasan Launches Two New Flavors

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Arteasans Beverages will unveil two new flavors, a Matcha Tea with Watermelon & Mint ("Glow") and an Oolong Tea with Pineapple & Ginger ("Cleanse"), at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York on June 25-27, 2017.

The two new products will align with the brand's existing portfolio, infusing on-trend iced teas with fruits and exotic botanicals. The Arteasan infusions each offer a natural functionality such as "Glow" or "Cleanse," which are derived naturally from the products' beneficial ingredients. The original four flavors include a White Tea with Mango & Passion flower ('Calm'); a Yerba Mate Tea with Peach & Rosemary ('Focus'); a Green Tea with Passionfruit & Elderflower ('Be Well'); and a Black Tea with Blueberry & Ginseng ('Energy').

"We carefully crafted our new infusions using superfood ingredients like matcha and ginger, which are known to benefit both body and mind," says Fernando Rodriguez, Arteasan founder and CEO. "We're excited for our fans to discover our new and unexpected flavors, and are delighted to continue creating deliciously beneficial iced teas that people can feel great about enjoying."

The new flavors feature only five calories per serving, have less than one gram of sugar per bottle and use only non-GMO, worldly ingredients.

"We're launching our Matcha Tea with Watermelon & Mint and our Oolong Tea with Pineapple & Ginger at a critical time," says Corina Flushing, Arteasan co-founder and COO. "We expect these to be highly successful launches for the warm summer months, and the timing is ideal as we've recently formed new partnerships with three industry-leading distributors. Our expanded portfolio will enable us to offer a wider range of options to prospective retailers while growing sales in existing accounts."

Arteasan will launch its new flavors across the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and South Florida regions. The company will also introduce its six-flavor portfolio in select retailers in the Midwest this summer, expanding distribution through its recent partnership with UNFI.



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