Bashas' Encourages Healthy Lifestyle on Navajo Nation

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Bashas’ Diné Markets has reinforced its pledge to support a healthy and active lifestyle on the Navajo Nation. The retailer distributed more than 3,000 pieces of free sports equipment during the 71st Annual Navajo Nation Parade to promote and encourage physical activity.

The first grocery store chain in the territory, Bashas’ is also increasing the number and variety of healthy meal options at its seven stores on the Navajo Nation. The retailer will also unveil a newly remodeled Diné Market in Window Rock next month, featuring its premier “Diné Healthy” program designed to help shoppers easily identify healthier food options throughout the store.

“Healthy communities are strong communities,” says Edward “Trey” Basha, CEO of Bashas’ Family of Stores, based in Chandler, Ariz. “We’re collaborating with Navajo Nation leadership to bring fresh ideas, new offerings and novel programs that will help families to live their best lives.” 

Last month’s parade giveaways included 7,000 bottles of water, 5,000 bananas, 1,000 handheld fans, 700 sunscreen packets, and nearly 200 kids’ t-shirts. Bashas’ sports equipment giveaways featured:

  • Regulation-size basketballs
  • Regulation-size soccer balls
  • Regulation-size volleyballs
  • Regulation-size footballs
  • Assorted 9” play balls
  • Hula hoops
  • Frisbees
  • Jump ropes
  • Bicycles with helmets

“The Navajo Nation Fair & Parade is an opportunity to celebrate, promote and preserve the Navajo culture,” says Basha. “As community partners, Bashas’ is honored to be part of this annual celebration. It is a privilege for us to serve the Navajo people.”

Since opening its first Diné Market 35 years ago, Bashas’ has been a collaborative member of the Navajo Nation, supporting education, nutrition, art, health and wellness through community programs and partnerships. At least 95% of Bashas’ Diné Markets employees are Native American, and each store location gives back a percentage of its profits to the Navajo Nation. 

Bashas’ is one of the few non-Native-American retailers with stores on the Navajo Nation. In 1982, Bashas’ opened its first reservation store in Chinle, followed by Tuba City in 1983, Kayenta in 1985, Window Rock in 1989, Crownpoint, N.M., in 1990, Pinon in 1993, and Dilkon in 2002. The retailer plans to open an eighth store in Sanders in 2018.


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