Better Mental Health Diets Make the Headlines

Mediterranean diet, whole grains and produce can improve your mood

The Lempert Report

Fast Company reports on a review of hundreds of diet studies that focuses on how to keep our minds happy. 

Here are the keys to the best mental health diets, perhaps the foundation for grocerant menus that will not only satisfy customers but also make their post meal shopping trips more enjoyable and more profitable, because we know a happy shopper shops slower and spends more.

A Mediterranean diet loaded with vegetables and olive oil provides some protection against depression, anxiety and elderly cognitive decline. If you can’t swing Mediterranean, Fast Company writes, aim for a diet full of fresh fruits, veggies and grains, which is also associated with higher reported happiness and lower rates of depression. 

Poor diets are associated with worsening mood disorders. The brain is dependent on nutrients, including lipids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, as are gut hormones, neurotransmitters and microbes—so, yes, evidence indicates that bathing your brain and gut in bad food, or too little food, can rock your troubled mood and stress levels into the abyss.

Low B12 causes fatigue, lethargy, depression and poor memory and is associated with mania and psychosis. Organ meats, especially liver and kidneys, especially from lamb, are extremely rich in vitamin B12. Other foods to consider are clams, sardines, beef, fortified breakfast cereals (but read the labels to be sure), tuna, trout, salmon, eggs, milk and dairy products.


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