CBD Company Seeks to Bring New Meaning to ‘Runner’s High’

Launches functional cannabis product meant to complement physical activity
Photograph: Shutterstock

OffField, a new "functional cannabis" company, has introduced its first product: Enhanced Hydration, which is meant to be consumed 15 minutes before physical activity. The Los Angeles-based company’s inaugural product combines broad spectrum CBD and CBG, L-theanine, B12, magnesium, and electrolytes into a powder blend meant to be dissolved in water.

According to OffField co-founders Tony Fur and Todd Hunter, Enhanced Hydration reduces anxiety and inflammation, while increasing hydration and motivation. The duo partnered with cannabis entrepreneur Bert Culha (previously of F/IELD Extracts and Olio) and a team of doctors, nutritionists and cannabis pioneers to develop the formula “designed to help people move happy,” say the founders.

“Contrary to popular belief, ‘runner’s high’ isn’t just about endorphins. Research shows we can use our endocannabinoid system to help us feel better during physical activity and that’s exactly where we show up,” Fur said. “OffField's mission is to help you get out of your head and into your body, making daily exercise more enjoyable. We call it ‘movement made happy’ and everyone is invited.”  

With the belief that everyone should have access to self-care, OffField said its mission is to serve people, places and the planet, with commitments to those helping others. At launch, the company partnered with The Last Prisoner Project, pledging to donate 1% of annual sales for the remainder of the year to help free people incarcerated for cannabis laws that no longer exist. They have also created a “second chance hiring” program for people wrongly imprisoned for cannabis.

“The stigmas of weed culture are just that—stigmas,” Hunter said. “We want to help break preconceived notions about cannabis and also push on the idea that research and innovation starts and ends in rest and recovery. Our formula uses cannabis to help people find balance and get moving, which is quite the opposite of what too many people think it’s capable of.”

Fur and Hunter, whose previous work includes roles as chief creative officers of Observatory, a CAA (Creative Artists Agency) company, have experience leading cross-discipline projects for brands like Coca-Cola, Chipotle, General Motors and Bonobos. The co-founders say OffField's branding was inspired by the "golden age" of fitness and sport, when people were less concerned about performance and more concerned with having fun.

OffField's formula was developed in partnership with Everest Formulations. Third-party clinical trials are underway and will be released as soon as available, says the company. Enhanced Hydration is currently sold direct-to-consumer. OffField said retail partners will follow.


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