Consumers Turn to CBD to Fight Stress

Look to the grocery aisle for products with a story
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If the pandemic has taught consumers anything, it’s the importance of taking care of themselves, their pets and their loved ones. This trend has been reflected in every area of the grocery store, and it’s not only about food; shoppers are also seeking out nonfood items that promote well-being and connection in a socially distanced world.

Consumers are looking to grocery stores for products to enhance their own health, including CBD supplements and topical treatments.

“Most people are taking CBD for things like stress, anxiety, pain and inflammation,” says Vince Sanders, CEO and founder of Kansas City-based manufacturer and retailer CBD American Shaman. “The way to deal with that is oral ingestion, or for localized aches and pains, you have the topical creams.”

In August, Sanders’ company opened a 550-square-foot store inside a Ball’s Price Chopper in Kansas City. Designed to look like an upscale boutique, the store-within-a-store offers 170 SKUs, from tinctures to topicals.

So far, Sanders says, the store’s hot sellers are quick-absorption, water-soluble hemp oils for mixing into beverages. Also popular are fast-acting topical creams, along with face and body lotions, and CBD chews and oils for dogs and cats. 

Jess Mulligan, co-founder of Winged Women’s Wellness, sells CBD skin care, body care and supplements both online and through natural food retailers such as Fresh Thyme Market. What they’re looking for, she says, are unique products with a story behind them.

“Stores are not looking for another CBD oil,” she says. “They are looking for products they don’t carry, like gummies and chocolates. They are also looking for brands that are mission-driven.” For example, she says, her company donates part of its profits to organizations that help underprivileged women.

Currently, Sleepy CBD Gummies are Winged’s biggest-selling product. “This year has been taxing on every single one of us,” Mulligan says. “Introducing CBD for stress, anxiety and sleep can be incredibly helpful for many right now.”

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