Food Industry Getting Serious About Plant-Based Food

Companies are banding together for a $4 million initiative


Nestle, Buhler Group and Givaudan have joined forces and have invested over $4 million to form The Future Food Initiative. 

The initiative is a joint research program to accelerate the development of healthy plant-based food and sustainable products.

Their mission is to increase the development of sustainable packaging, advance the development of healthy food products that align with consumer trends, and help make nutritious food more affordable and accessible to consumers. 

FoodBev reports that its first research products will focus on plant-based nutrition and ancient plants.

Plant-based foods, in particular those that are labeled as vegan, are gathering much interest from consumers and the industry as noted at the recent Winter Fancy Food Show. Campbell’s, Unilever, Kraft Heinz, Tyson and Maple Leaf Foods all have significant investments in vegan products and brands. Kellogg’s, whose traditional brands have experienced declining sales, recently added a vegan cereal made with vegetables.

We look forward to seeing and hearing more about The Future Food Initiative.


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