Meijer's Free Medicine Program Reaches 50 Million Prescriptions

Eligible drugs include certain antibiotics and statins
Photograph courtesy of Meijer

Meijer pharmacies' Free Prescription Drug program has officially reached 50 million prescriptions filled since its launch in 2006, saving more than $650 million for its customers. 

The program was originally started to help families pay for antibiotic prescriptions for their children but was soon expanded to include other drugs as well. It saved more than $50 million for customers last year alone. 

Customers can bring a doctor's prescriptions for the medications included on the list and can fill them for free regardless of insurance or co-payment.

Jason Beauch, VP of Meijer Pharmacy, said the program allows the Grand Rapids, Mich.-based retailer to "provide families necessary medications that best manage their health."

"We believe you can't put a price on wellness, so it's important for us to support local communities and do our part to help customers save on necessary medications and improve on their overall quality of life," Beauch said. 

Eligible medicines include select antibiotics, metformin immediate release for improving blood sugar, certain prenatal vitamins, and atorvastatin calcium for lowering cholesterol. 


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