SpartanNash Cleans Up Private Label Portfolio

Initiative includes shorter ingredient labels, easier-to-read packaging
Photograph courtesy of SpartanNash

SpartanNash is cleaning up its private label items and making nutrition facts easier for shoppers to read. 

As part of its Clean Ingredient Initiative, more than 425 Our Family and Open Acres products have been reformulated and redesigned since 2018, removing synthetic colors, MSG and other unsavory ingredients, with another 175 products set to undergo the same treatment this year. 

Additionally, SpartanNash is making it easier for shoppers to identify clean label items by listing key attributes on the front of the packaging, with clean items featuring a leaf symbol or a circular symbol for Open Acres items.

SpartanNash VP of Private Brands John Paul said SpartanNash has noticed that shoppers are looking for healthier food options, clean labels and free-from formats when doing their grocery shopping. 

“Our Clean Ingredient Initiative provides them with exactly that, all while giving them the quality, budget-friendly savings and great taste they’re used to with Our Family and Open Acres products," he said.

The initiative has included efforts such as narrowing down Our Family ice cream to only four or five ingredients, removing MSG from several Our Family soups and removing synthetic colors from private label fruit and grain bars.

This year, the Clean Ingredient Initiative will be promoted by SpartanNash private label spokesperson, cookbook author and Food Network personality Molly Yeh, which will tie into in-store and online promotions.


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