Zippy Bites Expand into Rouses Market

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Zippy Bites revealed that its organic and natural energy snacks are now available at 36 Rouses Markets locations in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. 

Zippy Bites are chocolate truffles infused with a natural and organic blend of caffeine, guarana amino acids, and B vitamins. The treats contain no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or colors. They are non-GMO and gluten free and the dark chocolate raspberry flavor is vegan-friendly.

“Rouses prides itself on providing its customers with new and exciting organic alternatives, this promises to be a very successful retail partnership,” says to Mike Metro, owner and president of Zippy Bites.

The healthier, better tasting alternative to energy drinks and shots has been well received by Rouses’ store associates and customers alike. Sell-through has been brisk and some locations have already reordered, Ziippy Bites officials say. 

Rouses Markets is providing Zippy Bites with high visibility at most of its locations by utilizing the company’s new free-standing floor display which is stocked with 96 two-packs of four popular flavors; raspberry, mint, salted caramel and vegan-friendly dark chocolate raspberry.

Zippy Bites currently have a retail price of $3.99 for a package of two and deliver a great tasting, bite-sized energy boost perfect for today’s on-the-go parents, fitness enthusiasts, busy professionals and students, officials say. 



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