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Study Finds Toddlers Are Eating Too Much Added Sugar

Retailers have an opportunity to help with in-store dietitian programs.


How Grocers Can Help Shoppers Reduce Sodium Intake

The Lempert Report: Tips to share with customers and help combat the dangerous issue.

The Lempert Report: The move is a contradiction of the organization's past positions.

The Lempert Report: The EU is proposing new bans, restrictions and labels on ocean-polluting items.

The Lempert Report: Products that are not highly processed and contain corn or soy will likely have the disclaimer.

A study found the cuisine was saltier than recommended even after chefs were given training.

The Lempert Report: The kit must be recommended by a specially trained pharmacist.

In WGB's Break Room, Jay Jacobowitz discusses how Amazon is influencing Whole Foods, and what else is next in the natural/organic field.

The Lempert Report: Telemedicine could stand in for time-stretched retail dietitians.

The Lempert Report: The FDA has extended the comment period for nutrition innovation strategy.