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Health and Beauty Provides a Safe, Profitable Entry Point for CBDs

A look at topical products and why consumers and retailers alike are flocking to the CBD segment.


CBD Products Are Hot, But Are They Good for Us?

The Lempert Report: Cannabidiol products are reported to have positive effects, but the jury is still out on benefits or side effects.

The Lempert Report: The distinct shopping preferences and eating habits of millennials are now influencing food brands.

The Lempert Report: Most studies on poor diets have focused on physical activity and nutrition, with little attention to emotional issues.

Measure in appropriations bill would require the agency to issue a temporary guidance on CBD while it develops a permanent rule.

The Lempert Report: Weight Watchers has a new app designed for kids, but one dietitian warns it could worsen overall well-being.

The CBD (cannabidiol) sector is booming. This trend is on track to continue, with analysts projecting the industry will be worth $22 billion by 2020.

The Lempert Report: Food sharing is a human behavior that has a great effect on one's social circles and status.

The new policy, designed to support parents and caregivers and their families, comes in addition to a wide arrange of benefits that has helped the Scarborough, Maine-based retailer become a respected employer.

The Lempert Report: A study shows that regular access to a park or garden equals less cravings and a more steady regimen of healthy eating.

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