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New Survey Zeroes In on Persuasiveness of Product Claims

A new survey found that “natural” as a product packaging claim would likely motivate more than half of Americans to make a purchase.


Food Industry Getting Serious About Plant-Based Food

The Lempert Report: Companies are banding together for a $4 million initiative to explore sustainable products and packaging.

WGB breaks down the complexities, uncertainties and possibilities related to hemp in grocery.

The initiative includes shorter ingredient labels and easier-to-read packaging.

Years of study indicates that gut health plays an important role in overall health. Food products companies and retailers are responding to a more educated consumer.

Retailers are responding to a thirst for beverages that boast better nutritional value, variety and sustainable production practices.

The Lempert Report: A 20-year study found that consuming fried chicken and fried fish increases chances of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

The program will be available in all supercenters across the Midwest.

The program allows shoppers to provide Matterbox meal kits to youngsters in their communities.

Consumers flock to food made with wholesome goodness.

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