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A Pill Could One Day Evaluate Gut Health

The Lempert Report: IMBED was able to detect infection and inflammation in pigs' stomachs.


How the 'Climate Mayors' Are Fighting for the Environment

The bipartisan network of city leaders is striving to live up to the Paris agreement despite the U.S.' pullout.

The retailer will roll out a digital program to 30 New Jersey high schools.

Sales of vitamins and supplements are on the rise at both online and brick-and-mortar stores, according to a TABS Analytics report.

The Lempert Report: Proposed symbols include a green leafy plant and even a smiley face.

The Lempert Report: A potential new entrant crawls into the superfoods fray.

The Lempert Report: Almost half of people surveyed said they would not be able to give it up.

A study conducted by Nielsen and PBFA values the category at $3.3 billion.

The Lempert Report: The rise of technology may be preventing young people from learning kitchen skills.

The Lempert Report: Marion Nestle's new book on skewed food studies is poised to shake up the food industry.