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You Are What Your Friends Eat

The Lempert Report: We may be influenced by our social peers—both close friends and acquaintances on social media—more than we realize when choosing certain foods.


In the U.K., Veganuary Is a Thing

The Lempert Report: Vegan specialties are becoming a normal part of the menu at fast-casual and fast-food eateries, and sales are growing.

The Lempert Report: Lack of access to healthy food is a factor in obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, and those who live in and around food deserts suffer the most, but Baltimore is making strides.

The Lempert Report: First the nicotine patch, now a bacon patch?

The Lempert Report: In Europe, efforts are under way to remove cartoon characters from marketing and food packaging to boost healthy food choices for children.

The Lempert Report: Mediterranean diets, whole grains and fresh produce pack the most punch against depression, anxiety and elderly cognitive decline.

The Lempert Report: A report declares that media attention about the head of state's diet has become an influencer on intentions to eat fast food.

The Lempert Report: DNA tests could be the key to determining the right diet for individuals who want to achieve better heart health or managing diabetes.

A Technomic white paper examines how the virus could impact the food industry.

The Lempert Report: A new study finds that youth who watched a children-oriented cooking show featuring healthy food were much more likely to make healthy food choices.

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