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The Older We Get, the More Our Foods Change

The Lempert Report: Knowing life stage-specific tastes could help manufacturers and retailers better serve their customers.


Why Some People Have More Willpower to Avoid Overeating

The Lempert Report: A new study suggests gray matter volume in the brain influences self-control.

The Lempert Report: High-quality imitation meat is helping to drive the craze.

The Lempert Report: A new study sheds light on how the brain reacts to food.

Retailers have an opportunity to help with in-store dietitian programs.

The Lempert Report: Tips to share with customers and help combat the dangerous issue.

The Lempert Report: The move is a contradiction of the organization's past positions.

The Lempert Report: The EU is proposing new bans, restrictions and labels on ocean-polluting items.

The Lempert Report: Products that are not highly processed and contain corn or soy will likely have the disclaimer.

A study found the cuisine was saltier than recommended even after chefs were given training.