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A New Twist on the Walmart Greeter

The Lempert Report: United Way of Western Connecticut has created a new program that involves senior citizens helping other seniors access healthy and nutritious food.


Consumers Turn to CBD to Fight Stress

Consumers increasingly look for unique CBD products that help with stress, anxiety, pain and inflammation.

OffField introduces Enhanced Hydration, a new product designed to bring the fun back to exercise.

The Lempert Report: The European Food Safety Authority concludes that changing consumer behavior is driving many of the emerging issues in food safety.

The Lempert Report: There is new evidence that a nutrient profiling system can aid in depression.

The Lempert Report: Advertisers are seeking to take advantage of new avenues to market their wares to children.

The Lempert Report: As long as wellness is marketed as a luxury, its advantages will be out of reach for millions of Americans.

The Lempert Report: We have to be cautious and smart to be able to separate the long-term trends to the anomalies that were and are being created by the pandemic.

Leading cannabis researchers predict the U.S. market for cannabidiol products sold through general retail channels is likely to reach $12 billion by 2024.

The Lempert Report: Consumers at home have discovered new habits and insights about what it means to truly nourish themselves.

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