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E-Commerce Key to Growth for Natural and Organics

Growth may have slowed for the grown-up natural and organic products industry, but e-commerce remains a channel full of youthful exuberance for everything from functional foods to supplements.


Do Food Labels Actually Matter?

The Lempert Report: There are 31 different types of labels worldwide telling customers how much fat, salt and sugar is in the food they buy, but do they really help inform consumers?

The Lempert Report: Higher intakes of fruit, vegetables, milk, cheese and yogurt are each linked to a lower risk of some types of strokes, but none are a panacea.

The Lempert Report: We may be influenced by our social peers—both close friends and acquaintances on social media—more than we realize when choosing certain foods.

The Lempert Report: Vegan specialties are becoming a normal part of the menu at fast-casual and fast-food eateries, and sales are growing.

The Lempert Report: Lack of access to healthy food is a factor in obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, and those who live in and around food deserts suffer the most, but Baltimore is making strides.

The Lempert Report: First the nicotine patch, now a bacon patch?

The Lempert Report: In Europe, efforts are under way to remove cartoon characters from marketing and food packaging to boost healthy food choices for children.

The Lempert Report: Mediterranean diets, whole grains and fresh produce pack the most punch against depression, anxiety and elderly cognitive decline.

The Lempert Report: A report declares that media attention about the head of state's diet has become an influencer on intentions to eat fast food.

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