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2021 Trend Predictions Part 1: Staying Healthy and Well

The Lempert Report: Consumers at home have discovered new habits and insights about what it means to truly nourish themselves.


New Dietary Guidelines Have a Blind Spot

The Lempert Report: Most governments’ recommendations are neither sufficiently healthy nor sustainable.

The Lempert Report: One in 4 Americans avoid buying foods containing the top nine food allergens, a new study finds.

The Lempert Report: The role of the supermarket retail dietitian should be expanded to helping consumers understand their DNA and how it affects their health and nutrition.

The service is now available by appointment across nine states.

The Lempert Report: Survey finds parents are snacking and skipping meals more as they juggle work responsibilities with child care.

The Lempert Report: Three researchers argue that the food industry has a hand in the two pandemics facing the world today.

The Lempert Report: The chemicals that make up plastics are cause for concern.

Through a partnership with Gravity Diagnostics, Kroger Health plans to process more than 60,000 tests per week by the end of July.

The Lempert Report: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study finds that eating just one meal high in saturated fat can reduce concentration and focus.

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