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Shamrock Farms Introduces Cold Brew Coffee and Milk

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Shamrock Farms has introduced Cold Brew Coffee and Milk, combining 100 percent Colombian coffee with pure, fresh, Shamrock Farms milk with no added hormones.

A product for the refrigerated beverage case, Shamrock Farms is capitalizing on the rapid growth of the ready-to-drink coffee category by pairing its quality milk with the on-trend cold brew taste consumers are craving. In fact, the refrigerated coffee category is up by 48 percent, according to IRI, while the cold brew products category is up by 115 percent, according to Mintel. The innovation was driven by consumer insight that an overwhelming amount of cold brew drinkers prefer the taste when the cold brew coffee is combined with milk, say company officials. 

“Refrigerated, ready-to-drink coffee is one of the fastest growing beverage categories,” says Ann Ocaña, chief marketing officer for Shamrock Foods Company. “Our research revealed the opportunity to pair the smooth taste of cold brew coffee with our farm fresh milk, creating a taste profile that is spot on for both the cold brew fan and those just discovering the trend.”

Shamrock Farms creates its Cold Brew Coffee and Milk using Colombian coffee beans that are roasted to perfection, then ground and steeped in cold water for more than 10 hours to achieve a rich flavor, also providing two times the natural caffeine of regular coffee.  Shamrock Farms’ wholesome, fresh-from-the-farm milk is then added along with a touch of real cane sugar to provide a deliciously smooth and slightly sweet finish. 

“We always have something new brewing for our milk and this time that can be taken literally,” says Ocaña. “Coffee and milk has long been the perfect match, but we’re making it easier and tastier to enjoy them together.”   

Available in Original, Mocha and Vanilla in ready to drink on-the-go bottles, Shamrock Farms Cold Brew Coffee and Milk distribution begins this fall throughout Shamrock Farms’ home state of Arizona at retailer partners including QuikTrip, Albertsons, Safeway, Bashas’, Sprouts and major university campus stores. The product is expected to roll out nationally in early 2017.


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