Lisa Sedlar, founder and CEO of Green Zebra Grocery, is creating a more curated grocery experience by pulling from different retail concepts with a vision of changing the way people shop for food. The Portland, Ore.-based retailer has three stores, with another set to open soon. Sedlar’s long-term goal is to open 100 stores on the West Coast by 2025. Sedlar graduated from Kendall College in Chicago with a degree in culinary arts. She went on to become purchasing director for Whole Foods and then CEO of New Seasons Market before embarking on Green Zebra, which is a hybrid corner grocery store inspired by a market from her grandparent’s era, as well as a modern-day convenience store for urban neighborhoods where people shop daily and mostly walk to the store. Though her stores could more readily identify with c-stores given their size, Sedlar estimates that her customers spend the same amount of time in Green Zebra as they would in a traditional supermarket on an annualized basis. “It turns out that if you put a salad bar in a convenience-store format, it becomes your No. 1 seller in no time flat because people want healthier options,” Sedlar told WGB earlier this year.